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Welcome to the Oaks Gymnastics Academy

For almost 30 years Turner’s Gymnastics, Inc. has offered instructional classes for boy and girls of all ages in East Norriton. Over the years thousands of our students have learned about life as they practiced gymnastics -

                       strength and flexibility
                       self confidence and coordination
                       fun and fitness

Gymnastics has been called the “universal sport” and "the international sport of champions".
The presidents council on physical fitness calls gymnastics the sport where all other sports begin.

At the East Norriton gym it was never “pay for play” and we never needed a giant pit filled with plastic balls and toys to keep the kids occupied. Dedicated instructors used the challenge and variety that the sport already has to build strong bodies and sharp minds.

It doesn’t take long for even the beginners to get involved. New students share the excitement of going upside down and the thrills that traditional gymnastics offers the minute they set foot on the mats - all in a carefully controlled environment where safety and trust make the difference. It’s not always easy, gymnastics requires lots of practice and hard work to get ahead. And if that sounds a lot like the real world - it is. Real world living skills in a positive and supportive setting where we encourage personal growth through challenge.

Your child doesn’t have to be physically gifted to succeed either. Our gym does not revolve around hot shot “team” athletes. Some of our most accomplished students just learned to try harder and never give up - they might have even taught us a thing or two along the way. We got rid of everything that didn’t work or was just too risky and concentrated on the gymnastics skills and drills that made the most sense and were the most productive.

The “new” gym is built on a solid foundation - TWO generations of gymnastics.
That’s right - my father was a gymnast and a gym owner before me.
You can check out the history for more on that.

The Oaks Gymnastics Academy is the result of a lifetime I’ve spent teaching children.
And we did some gymnastics, too.

Brian Turner
Owner Turners Gymnastics, Inc. - East Norriton
Owner Oaks Gymnastics Academy - Oaks