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How to Register

To register for a gymnastics class at the Oaks Gymnastics Academy you will be required to fill out:
a Parents Permission Form, a Credit Card Authorization Form, and the The How to Register Form will help explain everything in detail.

The parents permission form is an acknowledgement of the risks involved with gymnastics and the inherent danger associated with a sport that involves height and motion and the chance for accidental injury. Every possible precaution is taken to assure that your child will have a safe and enjoyable experience, but accidents can happen through no fault of the staff. If you don’t understand the risks involved, ask to OBSERVE a class and see what happens during a typical gymnastics lesson.

Don’t sign the permission form if you’re not going to be bound by the agreement.

Don’t sign the permission form if you don’t understand the true nature of the sport.

You MUST register in person - an original form will be provided.

All credit card transactions are subject to a 3% convenience fee.
Avoid the hefty convenience and pay with a check or cash.
Register “early” with a check or cash and you’ll get a nice discount and avoid the service charge.

New students are added to the program from a waiting list if the class is filled or through “open enrollment” if the class time has space that is available.
If a class is available you can start any time and your fees will be pro rated - you will only pay for the classes left in the session.

There are no refunds once your child is enrolled in a class. If you’re not sure what to expect at Oaks Gymnastics you may visit the gym to observe a class. If you’re not sure if your child will like gymnastics you can sign up for a 20 minute introductory lesson - but you will be required to register.

Once each season, a $35 registration fee is charged for every student. This fee covers the administrative cost to enroll your child in the class of your choice. It also cover the high cost of liability insurance and secondary medical insurance - the cost of which we have no control over. The registration fee is current from September (the start of the school year) through the following year ending in August.

Registration fees are pro rated through they year.

                Starting September through December - full price $35
                Starting January through April - $25
                Starting after April - $15
                Registration fees are not refundable.