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2019 Registration - How to sign up for a class

You must register IN PERSON. All of the current customers have the chance to re-register and continute BEFORE we add any new customers to a class that is already FULL. Ask about a waiting list.

To register for a gymnastics class at the Oaks Gymnastics Academy you will be required to fill out:
a Parents Permission Form and a Credit Card Authorization Form (originals only, no copies please).

The parents permission form is an acknowledgement of the risks involved with gymnastics and the inherent danger associated with a sport that involves height and motion and the chance for accidental injury. Every possible precaution is taken to assure that your child will have a safe and enjoyable experience, but accidents can happen through no fault of the staff. If you don’t understand the risks involved, ask to OBSERVE a class and see what happens during a typical gymnastics lesson.

- Don't sign the permission form if you don't understand the true nature of the sport.

- Don't sign the permission form if you're not goint to be bound by the agreenment.

All credit card transactions are subject to a 3% convenience fee.
Avoid the hefty convenience and pay with a check or cash.

We can HOLD a space in the program for 48 hours, but we don't "pencil you in" for a class without a parents permission form and payment for a class and the registration fee.

New students are added to the program from a waiting list if the class is filled or through “open enrollment” if the class time has space that is available. If a class is available you can start any time and your fees will be pro rated - you will only pay for the classes left in the session. There are no refunds once your child is enrolled in a class.

It makes sense to visit the gym before you spend any money. Please make plans to stop in and see our brand new facility.

- We're Open:
- Monday through Thursday 4:00 to 8:30.
- Friday by appointment.
- Saturday 9:00 to 1:30.

45 minute preschool class -     $175 for an eight week session
                                              $154 for a seven week session
60 minute instructional class - $219 for an eight week session
                                                $192 for a seven week session
90 minute instructional class - $253 for an eight week session.
                                              $222 for a seven week session

Once each season, September through August, a registration fee is charged for each student. It covers the high cost of liability insurance and an excess medical policy.

September through December - FULL PRICE $35

January through April - PRO-RATED - $25

May through August - PRO-RATED $15

January 7 to March 2 - eight week session

March 4 to April 27 - seven week session

April 29 to June 15 - seven week session

July 8 to August 24 - seven week session