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Rules and Policies

Class Size - We limit the size of EVERY group to just six (6) students an instructor. Occasionally an extra student may be present to make up a class they missed, but it’s never going to be an “assembly line” at the equipment with rows ten deep. The standard ratio accepted across the country is about 10:1 for students to instructors. 6:1 is a great value!

Waiting list - If your register for the program and can’t get into the class day and time you want it is possible to “wait” for a space to become open. The sessions are seven (7) or eight (8) weeks long, so it might not happen right away. The waiting list is limited to four (4) students. Once we know what class you want new coaches are trained and assigned, other students are moved around. Strict class size limits apply.

Lengthly Waiting List - You can be on a waiting list with more than four (4) students, but it’s unlikely we could add you to a class right away. And we’ll track the class for free - you would not have to join the program.

Sessions - Session are seven or eight weeks long. Each session is priced according to how many weeks are offered.

Current Student - If you joined a specific class day and time you are IN. Class size is strictly limited and once you have a spot we’re NOT going to sell it. About half way through the session you will be asked to re-enroll if you want to continue. If you do not wish to re-enroll a new student will be added to the class from a waiting list.

Re-enrollment - We can’t wait until the end of the session to determine where all the students and instructors are going to be. Four weeks before the end of the session you’ll be given the chance to enroll for the next session with a discount. Three weeks before the end of the session it will be regular price - if you forget to pay with a check or cash don’t worry you can always call in your credit card to keep things going. After that it “open enrollment” and new students are added to the classes from waiting list or first come / first serve.

Observing A Class - If you’ve never seen a gym class before or you just don’t know what to expect from our program, you should plan to visit the gym and observe. We can’t really describe everything on the phone and the web site has limited information. A visit to the gym will help you decide if gymnastics is right for your family. While observing a class the staff will be busy teaching and and we won't be able to offer a tour of the facility. We might not even be able to answer many questions - the students in our care are the center of our attention. Ask for a tour on another day when the gym is empty and all your questions can be asked and answered.

Introductory Gym Class - Many kids want to try a class before they sign up for an entire session. From time to time we run an introductory gym class on a Saturday. You must register for the program with a permission form and the registration fee before you can participate, but the introductory gym class will help you choose the correct day and time for your regular class. The into class is 20 minutes long with time at the end for parents to discuss their choices.

Waiting Area - A generous waiting area is located at the front of our building for parents to pass the time while their child is in class. The gym is all open space - almost 4000 square feet and the waiting area has a half wall for observation, but parent’s are NOT allowed in the gym, you can watch the class on closed circuit wide screen TV. We ask that cell phones be turned OFF and parents speak in a soft inside voice. No food or drink is allowed anywhere in the building. Students are asked to bring water in a reusable PLASTIC bottle.