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Seven Week Sessions

Class is held once per week for seven weeks. If time is lost to a holiday, such as Thanksgiving, will be recovered with a special “make - up” class added to the schedule.

45 Minute Preschool Gymnastics $154
60 Minute Girls Instructional Gymnastics $192
90 Minute Girls Instructional Gymnastics $222

Eight Week Session

45 Minute Preschool Class $175
60 Minute Girls Instructional Class $219
90 Minute Girls Instructional Class $253

Prices are subject to change without notice.

Registration Fee

Once each season there is a $35 registration fee current from September of the school year through August of the following year. This fee is paid for every new student when they enroll in a class or are added to a waiting list.

September through December $35 full price
January through April $25 pro rated
May through August $15 pro rated

Early Registration is a regular part of our re-enrollment process. About half way through an eight week session we begin enrollment for the next session and a $5 discount is offered for anyone registering “early” with a check. The following week we enroll everyone - regular price - with the credit card on file if you haven’t paid “early” with a check.

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